After a part is designed and engineered, Auto Cast is equipped to bring the concept into reality through the remaining job processes from tool design, Flow simulation, Tool build, process optimization through software analysis, through the die-cast, machining and final assembly

Our investment in high technology machinery has given us one of the most fully automated die casting shops in the business. Our aluminum and zinc casting operations are some of the most modern in the country. This robotic-controlled system has automated extractors, spray lube and ladlers, assuring precise castings every time.

A computer program is used to track parts, flagging any casting parameter that needs monitoring. Using the computer, we can also experiment with machine parameters to optimize the manufacturing process.

Dies and tooling are maintained in our own tool room facility. Our customers are assured of quality workmanship by experienced tool and die makers. From minor repairs to major tooling changes, this in-house capability enables us to meet our customer’s needs expediently.

After parts are cast and trimmed, we do a variety of secondary machining operations, including drilling, tapping, reaming, skiving and threading.

We provide various finishes:

  • Blast vibratory cleaning
  • E-Coating
  • Plating
  • Buff
  • Polish
  • Painting

On many projects we add purchased components to provide complete subassemblies. It’s faster and less expensive to do the work in-house than to ship parts elsewhere for machining and assembly. Our people are trained in techniques that optimize product assembly. We also build our own secondary machinery to minimize operator movement during assembly. This gives us better control and lowers costs.